Ventura County Democratic Internship & Fellowship Program

Become a Ventura County Leadership Fellow or Intern!

Join the Ventura County Democratic Party for this historic election year as we use state-of-the-art voter outreach and grassroots programs this year. We aim to advance our shared values by electing Democrats, strengthening our party, and standing in solidarity with our most vulnerable populations through community organizing and coalition building. We are committed to ensuring this fellowship and internship program accommodates students’ needs through international learning, leadership opportunities, practical skills, and exposure to various activities. The Ventura County Democratic Party is committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice across our programs. 


•We support projects that advance our community and organizational needs. For example, communications, outreach, business planning, and strategy development.

• Learn about volunteer-led organizations and social justice nonprofits. 

• Learn modern skills while supporting the election of candidates

• Highly flexible to meet your schedule, including hybrid options 

• Gain experience working with many different groups across Ventura County

• Potential community service or college credits in collaboration with your college.

•Fellows will take on larger leadership positions and gain exposure to high-level projects. 


• Commitment to diversity and inclusion in your work and interactions with others. 

• Interest in local government, politics, community change-making, and social justice. The program is open to all majors. 

• 10-hours/week commitment, fellows may take on more hours to meet academic requirements. 

• Comfortable engaging in conversation with voters/volunteers (no prior experience necessary)

• Strong interpersonal skills • Flexible, adaptable, and reliable

As part of the Fellowship, some of the responsibilities include:

•Learning about issues facing our county, the application of academic knowledge to the workplace, and the engagement of new technologies. 

• Assisting with developing programs and services within the Democratic Party

•Assisting with community outreach, voter outreach, and community events

• Developing and implementing communications plans. 

For information, please contact:

Francesca Truncale Adams, Ventura County Democratic Party Organizing Director